Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Roll-X Tonneau cover for 2012 Nissan Frontier SV (58.5" bed) from Bak Industries


I know this isn't bushcraft/camping/survival related, but i wanted to write up a quick review of a new tonneau cover i purchased. When i was researching these covers for my truck, i had a hard time finding anywhere that showed my specific truck, and this specific tonneau cover. I spent a great deal of time reading through various Nissan truck forums  (,, ,  but still didn't find what i was looking for. So here it is, and maybe someone will stumble across it while doing a google search. The review will be about the Roll-X Tonneau cover by Bak Industries.

Picking the Tonneau Cover for me:

I looked at several different types of covers and when it came down to it, it was a choice between a tri-folding type of cover or some sort of retractable cover. What i didn't like about the retractable ones, was that they use big canisters blocking off the rear part of the truck, and since i already have a short bed, this would only make it shorter. The tri-folds are nice, but they block 1/3 of the back of the truck also, unless it's the Bak Industries (BakFlip) ones, which allows for the third panel to lay against the window, but this will block your rear view (not really a huge deal, since i tend to carry things that block off the rearview anyway). The nice thing about the Roll-X is that you can roll it up, have full access to the truck bed, and it doesn't obstruct the rear view. The downside is there is no incremental opening. It's either open all the way, or closed.

Must Haves:
  • Must work with Utili-Track System
  • Must look good
The Nissan Frontier i have came with the utili-track system and i wanted to make sure i had access to that as well. All the Bak Industries covers work well with the system from what i can tell. I also like the more uniform look of the Roll-X compared to the tri-folds where you see 3 big creases where the folds are located. 


The next step was looking for the best price. These covers seem to be anywhere from 800 - 1k dollars. Plus, it depends on if you're going to install it yourself or have someone do it.  I searched around and as of 10/2012 the best price online i could find was from and total with shipping/tax was $745.33. 

The model for the Nissan Frontier 2012 (58.5" bed) is  "Bak Industries 36506"


One of the best vids i saw before installing was this one:

Took about an hour, didn't require anything other than a wrench, and was fairly straight forward. There is no drilling required.

Final Results:

Final Notes:

I just wanted to state, that it does indeed work with the Utili-Track system, it doesn't get in the way of the clamps, and the bed extender should work with this as well. If i ever get a sliding bed extender i will post updated pics showing it working with it.

It has been a couple weeks now since having it, and i have to say it's been really nice. I have hauled several loads, and it's always great being able to quickly move the cover out of the way, and haul stuff. As you can see in the pics, i have a couple of plastic containers i bought from Walmart that are being held in place with a tension bar (cargo bar). I have heard people on the forums state that this is not the greatest when it comes to keeping rain out of the cargo area, but that's why i have the plastic containers. With this setup i'm not really all too concerned about water getting under the cover, and i live in California, so there isn't any concern about snow either. With this setup, i normally keep my B.O.B. gear in one of the containers, and I leave the other empty. This way, i use it for groceries or other small items. I also can easily stack the crates into the rear of the cabin, and then have the full bed available for hauling items. 

** UPDATE ** (05/17/2014) :

I recently found this model available on Amazon:

For $703.12 w/ free shipping.
I also left a review under the name Morgas. Overall i'm still very happy with the product, and even though i had some small problems with the tonnaeau, when i decide to purchase a new one, i probably will give their newer version a try.  You can check out their new video here:


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