Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bushcraft USA Contest - PSK Knife

Over in the bushcraft USA forums, a kind member (name and link omitted because i didn't ask permission) is running a contest to design a PSK knife. I decided to take my shot at it, and this is a work in progress. This is what i was able to get done tonight:

This is how it starts, with cardboard, scissors, a pen, an Altoids
tin, and a dream. :)

Some of my favorite knives

From top to bottom:
Cold Steel Pocket Bushman
Mora 840MG Carbon Steel
Pathfinder PLSK1 (1st run original version)
Becker BK2
Cold Steel Carbon V SRK
Blind Horse Knives Woodsman Pro (not shown DOH!) 

Decided to base my PSK off the Pathfinder PLSK1

Used my flashlight to create a finger choil


Even with a paracord lanyard , this setup felt way too wobbly

Some other random PSK's that didn't make the cut (pun intended)

At this point, i started to think about adding handles to the knife

Doesn't look pretty, but it held tight

Not going to lie, it's not super comfortable
in this position, due to the "H" biting into
your middle finger, but it should be good enough
for light tasks, or until you get the handles on.

Enough area under the knife to hold it for skinning. It's
very comfortable in this position. This is where i would
attach the lanyard in case your hands were slippery while skinning

I was thinking about making the handles as wide as the knife, so they can match up better and you'll have a wider handle.

another idea i had was to make the scales out of sharpening stones of different grits (or something else, to make them multipurpose) so you can sharpen you're knife in the field. I'm not sure if you can make flat firesteels, but that would be cool to have the other side be a strikeable material for sparks. Or if the blade was made out of carbon steel, then have the other side be a flint.

to be continued.....