Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bushcraft USA - Elective - make a PSK (personal survival kit)

When i go hiking i typically carry everything i need in my Condor 4x10 water holder, and edc. But i did decide to try my hand at making a psk.

there just isn't really a good way to cram everything into a altoids tin, so i made a altoid tin + a pouch that would carry the primary shelter and cutting tool.

Maxpedition RAT Wallet (front)
Maxpedition RAT Wallet (back)
Cold Steel Pocket Bushman Folding Knife

The duct tape fits in a hidden pocket on
the back of the RAT wallet

The main pocket holds a Emergency Blanket,
Emergency Poncho from
and a Large Hand Warmer (Heat Factory). The outer pouch
holds the survival altoid tin.

another shot with everything out.

The tin holds 30 feet of bank line and 3 ranger bands

a glimpse inside the tin

Everything laid out!

The tin holds:
 - various lengths of electrical tape
 - small pea lighter from county comm
 - 2 fishing hooks with weights already attached
 - 1 band-aid
 - 1 whistle (i think this is an old fashion train whistle, got it from ebay)
 - SOL (survive outdoors longer) mini rescue mirror
 - 4 micropur water purification tablets
 - 1 liter bag from
 - 3 tinder quik
 - 1 nano streamlight
 - 1 fresnel lens from (hard to see, it's on the cloth, next to the gum).
 - 1 piece of gum (wrigley's 5 spearmint)
 - 1 trick birthday candle (doesn't blow out easily)
 - 1 Spyderco grasshopper
 - 1 pin
 - 1 pair of tweezers from a swiss army knife classic
 - button compass
 - small firesteel
 - 2 strike anywhere matches
 - about 3 feet of snare wire
 - 1 needle
 - A small patch of cotton bandana that i cut. This is for making charcloth, or a makeshift band-aid. It also helps protect the fresnel lens from being scratched

Was able to fit a UST Pocket Chain Saw
to the front under the altoids tin

sweet saw :)

I was also able to fit in some ibuprofen, benedril and a wet wipe. 

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