Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bushcraft USA - Make a Simple Snare

Used 24 Gauge Brass Wire

Bushcraft USA Elective - Make a lanyard for your firesteel

OD 550 Paracord, Bank Line, Light my fire firesteel parts

OD 550 Paracord, Bank Line, Light my fire firesteel assembled!

My new firesteel and lanyard in BHK woodsman pro sheath

Bushcraft USA Elective - Whipping Rope & Tool Handles

OD 550 Cord and Bank Line

Whipped 550 Cord

OD 550 Cord and Becker BK2

BK2 With Whipping front

BK2 With Whipping Back

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bushcraft USA - Elective - make a PSK (personal survival kit)

When i go hiking i typically carry everything i need in my Condor 4x10 water holder, and edc. But i did decide to try my hand at making a psk.

there just isn't really a good way to cram everything into a altoids tin, so i made a altoid tin + a pouch that would carry the primary shelter and cutting tool.

Maxpedition RAT Wallet (front)
Maxpedition RAT Wallet (back)
Cold Steel Pocket Bushman Folding Knife

The duct tape fits in a hidden pocket on
the back of the RAT wallet

The main pocket holds a Emergency Blanket,
Emergency Poncho from bepreparedtosurvive.com
and a Large Hand Warmer (Heat Factory). The outer pouch
holds the survival altoid tin.

another shot with everything out.

The tin holds 30 feet of bank line and 3 ranger bands

a glimpse inside the tin

Everything laid out!

The tin holds:
 - various lengths of electrical tape
 - small pea lighter from county comm
 - 2 fishing hooks with weights already attached
 - 1 band-aid
 - 1 whistle (i think this is an old fashion train whistle, got it from ebay)
 - SOL (survive outdoors longer) mini rescue mirror
 - 4 micropur water purification tablets
 - 1 liter bag from bepreparedtosurvive.com
 - 3 tinder quik
 - 1 nano streamlight
 - 1 fresnel lens from bepreparedtosurvive.com (hard to see, it's on the cloth, next to the gum).
 - 1 piece of gum (wrigley's 5 spearmint)
 - 1 trick birthday candle (doesn't blow out easily)
 - 1 Spyderco grasshopper
 - 1 pin
 - 1 pair of tweezers from a swiss army knife classic
 - button compass
 - small firesteel
 - 2 strike anywhere matches
 - about 3 feet of snare wire
 - 1 needle
 - A small patch of cotton bandana that i cut. This is for making charcloth, or a makeshift band-aid. It also helps protect the fresnel lens from being scratched

Was able to fit a UST Pocket Chain Saw
to the front under the altoids tin

sweet saw :)

I was also able to fit in some ibuprofen, benedril and a wet wipe. 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bushcraft USA - Four Basic Bushcraft Knots

two half hitches

sheet bend

taut line hitch

8 on a bite

square knot

Bushcraft USA Elective - Paracord Bracelet

I have made several paracord bracelets, but this is my latest one as of a month ago.

Has a whistle buckle, a small button compass, and a cut down piece of firesteel