Saturday, July 9, 2011

My Every Day Carry (EDC) - VERSION 2.0

Ok, i have to admit, that carrying my old Leatherman kit, while very comprehensive, was also very heavy. I started to notice that when i went to work, and sat down, that i would tend to take it off and leave it on my desk throughout the day. Whenever i would go somewhere, it would stick out enough to push out my shirt and make it noticeable that i was carrying something on my belt.

So i decided to try to go for a new Leatherman 2.0 EDC kit.

I know an EDC usually evolves and changes over time, and now that i've gotten more used to carrying everything around every day, i'm starting to find where my comfort zone is for these things. I no longer wear my watch, as having the time on my phone works out well enough for me.

currently the things that are the same are as follows:

  • my keys (with pill container, tweezers, ITP flashlight)
  • wallet (fresnel lense, knot tying cards - which i've used a few times already)
  • phone
  • lighter
  • paracord bracelet
  • Rat 1 knife

Old items, but changed are:

  • i moved the 1 liter water bag  and water purification tablets to the emergency blanket bag. This keeps it still pretty thin and unnoticeable in my back pocket.

New items:

  •  a Leatherman Sheath 934840 (meant for the Charge Ti, Xti)
  • Exotac nanoStriker
  • Nite Ize, Inc. - Inka Pen - Stainless Steel (pressurized pen, similar to a space pen)
  • Bosch T500 5-piece blade set (currently only carrying T144D - speed for wood saw)

I basically moved my Leatherman Surge into the sheath. Now i have easy access to all the items, it's snug, but not overly tight. The sheath is much slimmer and rides easier on my belt. There is a little pocket inside the back of the pouch that the saw blades can go into, and be totally out of the way of the tool. This is an excellent sheath and i highly recommend it.

As for the nano stricker and pen, sure i could of gone with the cut down version of the bic pen, and i could use a 1/4 inch x 3 inch firesteel but i wanted to class it up a little.

So basically these are the things i've given up for weight / easier carry are as follows:

  • Signal mirror
  • Reflective dogtag
  • Whistle
  • mini Compass
  • Band-Aid
  • 2nd Flashlight
  • Small Paracord 
  • Wetfire Tinder
  • Small firesteel (replaced by nanoStriker)
  • Chapstick / Beeswax
  • Makeshift Straw
  • Q-tip
  • Extra Lighter w/ mini compass

The only thing on this list i'm really sad about loosing is the whistle. I'm planning on purchasing a Whistle Buckle from REI over the weekend, and making a new Paracord Bracelet. I'll let you know how that turns out.

I think that it's not so bad, plus i gained a nicer saw blade, and comfort. Plus i now leave my leatherman on my person all day long, never taking it off. I think that trade alone is well worth anything given up.