Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Survival Fishing Kit

Ever since i saw the various pvc pocket fishing kits on youtube, i've been fascinated with just how little you can get away with and still catch fish. I remember having to lug out several poles, tackle gear, buckets, and bait, and still not get very many bites. Watching hobo/pocket/tin can fishing kits on youtube, sparked an interest in fishing within me, and once again i'm excited about fishing. This time i'm more interested in minimalistic fishing gear, while still enjoying fishing and actually catching fish.


I'm probably going to make several different versions of fishing kits, but this one focuses on the smallest one i have, and is inside one of my survival kits.

A small bit of epoxy inside the cap keeps it waterproof,
while still being able to have a nice lanyard to hold onto while casting.

The kit contains:
1 Waterproof plastic vial
2 comal tackle weighted bobbers
1 All purpose size 2 hook
2 Size 10 triple hooks
8 Small bullet lead split shot
2 Slightly larger bullet lead split shot
2 Size 1/16, #4 Premium Jig heads
1 Mini tube jig (size 1/32)
2 Steel leader lines with swivel hooks
2 Extra swivel hooks
4 Gamakatsu size 12 hooks
1 Ranger band (to hold the steel leads)
25 foot of 20 lb. line
A length of orange 550 paracord
Some electrical tape to keep the cord in place

Here you can see the size comparison between the fishing kit and my phone and RAT 1.

I'm hoping to test this kit out soon. More pics to follow once it's been field tested.


  1. I have a number of fishing kits at home, but yours is quite resourceful compared to mine. I like the kit’s contents. This is exactly what I need for my river fishing. Did you create the kit or is it a commercial product? Found more fishing items here: http://survival-mastery.com/skills/scouting/survival-fishing-kit.html

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